Kealia Ranch Hunting

Kealia Ranch is pleased to offer one-day guided hunts on the ranch, several square miles of diverse and unique terrain with a plentiful supply of birdlife and game. Rare and beautiful scenery makes the trip up Mauna Loa an unforgettable experience as the temperature, vegetation and game change with the elevation. Kealia Ranch headquarters at 1,000 feet offers the beautiful sights of mango, kukui nut, ulu (breadfruit), coffee, guava, and papaya. As you ascend into the rugged mountain forest the temperature cools and the Hapu’u (tree fern) and native Ohia appear. The regal monarchs of the Hawaiian woods, Acacia Koa, are found at 3,500 feet and continue intermixed with Sandalwood and Ohia until you reach sheep country at 6,500 feet.

Hunting opportunities abound and include:

  • Kalij Pheasant
  • Wild Boar (Polynesian Boar)
  • Feral Goat (Spanish & Ibex)
  • Feral Sheep (Black Hawaiian)
  • Rio Grande Turkey
  • Vancouver Bulls

The Day Of The Hunt

All that is necessary for you to bring is your own personal gear--light weight rainproof jacket, sturdy boots, and lightweight hunting clothes. A box lunch will be provided. You will be transported up the mountain in our 4x4 vehicle, and our guide will locate and help you stalk pig, turkey, pheasant, sheep, or the elusive wild bull. Trained dogs may accompany the hunting party. They track boar and keep them at bay until you and the guide catch up. These dogs greatly enhance the excitement and potential success of the hunt. Should you decide not to take that boar, it is released and the hunt continues.

Storage, Dressing & Taxidermy

After the kill your guide will help you in dressing the animal. The ranch can arrange for cold storage facilities in which your game can be stored until other arrangements are made. We can also recommend a very qualified taxidermist.

Hunting Materials

Hunting can be by firearm or bow-and-arrow. We have firearms for rental with ammunition provided.

Hunting License

All guided hunt participants must have a valid Hawaii hunting license. To purchase a Hawaii hunting license, which we sell here at the ranch, you must show proof of having completed a Hunter's Safety Course from your home state. You may also purchase a license on the State of Hawaii web site at which also provides information on license requirements, fees and tag fees.

Contact Us

Please contact us for more information or to request a brochure.

Kalij Pheasant
Wild Boar (Polynesian Boar)
Feral Goat (Spanish)
Feral Sheep (Black Hawaiian)
Vancouver Bull
Rio Grande Turkey